ShockStyle was created in 2015 to help people with learning English from commonly accessible sources - media (Televison, Internet).The main purpose of this coalition is to analyse English speaking TV Shows and find best TV Shows to watch to improve English speaking skills. Every TV Show has different level of English, so the main aim is to choose TV Shows for every level - Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced.

Basic rules for Television media Education

Television is great for learning English. The pictures make it easier to understand and because you can see who's talking,
you get a better idea of what people mean and what's the context of the talking.

1. Watch programmes you find interesting

If you find TV Show/movie interesting, you have higher motivation to understand what they are talking about. On the other hand, Learning English should be fun and not something you have to force yourself to do

2. Keep a notebook near to you

Notebook always helps you to translate new world or phrase, so you don't loose the plot.
You can although use notebook to explore new TV Shows or movies, and to find more more details about current watching TV Show.

3. Try to watch English television regularly

Find time to watch English TV Shows or movies all the time you can - when you want to watch something, look around if it isn't available in English too. Even if you can only watch 15 minutes a day, you'll be amazed how much you can learn.

4. Don't worry if you don't understand everything

English TV Shows and movies are normally targeted at native English speakers. Programmes often contains difficult words and expressions. English dialects are chapter themselves. If the programme is full of unknown words, just concentrate on understanding the general meaning.

6. Keep a note of programmes that you find easy to understand

Note TV Shows you find easy to understand and try to watch them regularly. There are many Apps and Websites which helps you to stay in touch with your favorite TV shows - if you don't know any, we recommend Episodate's Watchlist to you. You easily see which TV Shows you don't seen yet, and when the new episode will starts.

American researchers have concluded that watching TV Shows and Movies with subtitles helps comprehension!

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Best TV Shows to learn English

We do some basic research of most Popular TV Shows and choose 6 of them which help you with your education.
Focused on helping you with learning using standard media sources - TV and internet.


CW (2012) - Action | Super HeroesArrow TV Show Poster

After the wreck of boat was found, a billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was declared as dead. After five years he was found on an island in the middle of the Pacific and returned home to Starling City. He was greeted by his mother, sister and best friend, but everyone feels that he has changed after that 5 years.Oliver, however, the truth about who really became hides and tries to atone for sins of his young - he creates a character of vigilante (Arrow) and takes the law into own hands, believing that the police are unable to bring criminals to justice.

Game of Thrones

HBO (2010) - Drama | Adventure | FantasyGame of Thrones TV Show Poster

Game of Thrones stands as a monument noticeable over other television productions - initial confusion of a number of characters and events is replaced by a deep knowledge of complexity around the world, realism and dialogue. Game of Thrones is about actors. Such as they were, but what they may still have. About the things that make them onward wife also how far they can be if they are to achieve their goals.
Game of Thrones explains, that magic does not exist and that there is no only Good vs. Wrong, Good vs. Evil.

The Walking Dead

AMC (2010) - Drama | Action | Horror/SupernaturalThe Walking Dead TV Show Poster

The pilot episode takes us to a small town in Kentucky where the police officer Rick Grimes was shot during police operation. When he wakes up from coma at the hospital, no family, friends, sisters or doctors waiting for him.Totally confused goes trough hospital corridor,and when it encounters the first deformed "dead man" discovers that the world has changed.When he arrives home, comes another cold shower- his wife Lori and his son Carl have disappeared.Driven by the undying hope that both alive, decides to travel on horseback to nearby Atlanta.


CW (2015) - Comedy | Drama | Horror/SupernaturaliZombie TV Show Poster

Olivia / Liv (Rose McIver) is happy. And why would not -She is working as a doctor in the emergency room, has likeable fiance, good friends ...But everything changes when she (somewhat against her will) goes to the party, where the massacre happens. As a result Olivia becomes a living dead, but surprisingly, she successfully hiding it. Although her life will change dramatically, for example, she needs to supplement nutrients from dead man from the morgue, but otherwise no one (or almost no one) does not suspect that she is a reanimated corpse.


Fox (2014) - Crime | ActionGotham TV Show Poster

Young war veteran James Gordon became the new addition for Homicide Gotham Police Department. His first case is the murder of prominent residents of the city, after which it remained little boy. The boy, whose destiny is to become a bat.
From the very beginning makers say that this is not the story of a young Batman. Gotham is the story of the city in which Bruce Wayne lives. City, whose developments affect its inhabitants. On the one hand we have a lot of references to comics, but the creators make TV Show to appeal for viewers unfamiliar of batman substances too.

The 100

CW (2014) - Drama | Sci-Fi | ThrillerThe 100 TV Show Poster

Ninety-seven years after the nuclear disaster that wiped out all the humanity there is a new opportunity. While all humans on Earth disappeared, in orbit survived remnants of civilization. Survived the last 400 people who were lucky and it was just on one of 12 space stations. After three generations survived in emergency space sheets, which are now interconnected and state human population numbers approximately 4,000 individuals. Due to the maintenance of order was introduced strict rules that include a death penalty or population control.

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